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At Stok Kon + Braverman, we help business enterprises protect their interests and create practical solutions designed to help your company grow. Reaching preset business goals and growing your business can be challenging in our increasingly complex world. Contracts and legally binding agreements are an essential part of business ownership. Whether you need to enforce a non-compete or have a document drafted, our attorneys can help you navigate the unfamiliar legal terrain. Our Fort Lauderdale non-compete and non-solicitation attorneys provide guidance for these complicated business issues.

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What are Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements?

If you have uniquely qualified employees in possession of trade secrets and confidential information, when they decide to leave your company, it can harm your company’s success going forward. Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements protect your business, barring key employees from leaving your enterprise and taking what they know about your business and becoming your competition. These important agreements can help impact an enterprise’s bottom line and mitigate asset loss. When an employee leaves your company, their choice to work alone or for your competition can be challenging to overcome.

When are Non-Compete or Non-Solicitation Agreements Necessary?

Not every employee in an organization needs a non-compete agreement. Employees with access to important client data or business development information. Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements are unique to every enterprise. What’s included in an agreement will reflect the access an employee has to sensitive and confidential company data and also:

  • How likely an employee is to go work for a competing company or person
  • How likely an employee is to start their own competing business
  • How likely an employee is to create products or services like those of
    their employer
  • How likely an employee is to encourage colleagues to start a new competing venture
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Hiring Employees With Existing Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements

When recruiting specialized new employees, it’s essential to ask whether their employment is bound by an agreement from any previous employer. Our Fort Lauderdale non-compete and non-solicitation attorneys can review new employment agreements and determine their impact on any work the employee would take with your company. The attorneys at Stok Kon + Braverman can also help employers draft non-compete and non-solicitation agreements that consider fairness to all parties. It’s important to remember that when a contract is too broad or restrictive, it can be challenged easily in court and ruled unenforceable. Our Fort Lauderdale non-compete and non-solicitation attorneys will review all binding agreements from new hires and ensure drafted arrangements presented on your behalf are fair and enforceable by Florida law.

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